• Why Fillings Are So Important: Fast Facts

  • smilethumbsupWhen you receive the diagnosis of tooth decay – even if it has not progressed very far – the best thing you can do is move quickly. Rather than dismissing our suggestion to treat your cavity with a dental filling, you should embrace the opportunity to repair your tooth as quickly as possible. When it comes to problems that require restorative dentistry (such as cavities) acting with urgency is always key. Wondering why we feel so strongly about scheduling your follow-up visit? Learn more:

    The Significance of Fillings: Fast Facts

    • When you allow your cavity to worsen and grow, the side effects may result in the need for additional, more complex and costly restorative treatments, including root canal therapy to address infection. You may also end up requiring a dental crown to cover your tooth after a root canal or to address a significantly damaged tooth.
    • A filling removes the source of your discomfort and your problem. The initial part of treatment focuses on removing the decayed tissue, so the decay will no longer continue – this preserves what is left of your natural tooth, rather than allowing it to decay, as well.
    • The second main portion of a dental filling focuses on fixing your tooth, so it does not break and so you can use it according to its intended purpose – to chew and speak effectively and with comfort. We will fill the cleaned-out opening with a material called composite. It will bond to your surrounding tooth tissue, restoring the structure and strength of your tooth for long-term wear and solidity.
    • We place composite – or tooth-colored fillings – rather than metal fillings. This offers our patients a variety of exciting benefits. First, we will color-match the composite to your tooth, so your tooth continues to look beautiful and natural even after treatment. Also, composite is safe for most patients including pregnant women and metal allergy sufferers; it will not cause sensitivity to hot or cold; and it will last for many years.


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