• What Do You Know About Dental Cleanings?: A Quiz

  • womanquestionYou know that we love seeing you twice a year to clean your teeth. You are also fairly certain that visiting us for a dental cleaning is important to your oral health but you may not be sure why. Rather than remaining in the dark about cleanings, which can cause you to become lax in your habits, we encourage you to learn more. Understanding the details surrounding preventive cleanings can give you a new enthusiasm for dental care, while significantly helping you achieve clean teeth and gums that remain that way for many years to come. Think you know all there is to know? Test your knowledge with this quiz:

    Dental Cleaning Details Quiz: True or False?

    1. True or False: You should visit us at least once a year but twice a year is better.
    2. True or False: You need dental cleanings to keep your teeth white – if you do not care about the cosmetic value of your teeth, brushing on your own is sufficient.
    3. True or False: During a dental cleaning, we will use special instruments to remove plaque from your teeth and from beneath your gumline. We will also polish your teeth to remove final traces of plaque and to provide you with a glowing, refreshed smile.

    Cleaning Quiz Answer Key

    1. False. You should schedule a preventive dental cleaning at least twice a year. We prefer to see patients once every six months for cleanings that offer the best prevention against oral disease. However, if you suffer from problems like periodontal disease, we may ask you to visit us more frequently for cleanings, so we may guide you back toward excellent oral health.
    2. False. While keeping your teeth as clean as possible at home certainly may contribute to maintaining a whiter smile, cleanings are essential for everyone to maintain excellent oral health. You cannot remove every bit of plaque through home care. This is where we come in: During a dental cleaning, we will remove any remaining plaque from your teeth. Plaque is the leading cause of tooth decay and gum disease – when it is removed from your smile, you protect yourself from the development of these problems.
    3. True. You can expect to leave our practice with a mouth that feels clean and fresh. Our goal is to offer gentle yet comprehensive plaque removal to prevent cavities and gum disease.


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