• What Do You Know About Dental Bridges?: A Quiz

  • smilematurewomanblueblouseAre you unhappy with your smile because you are missing teeth? Patients suffering from all forms of tooth loss – even those missing only one tooth – may find quite quickly that the side effects can become overwhelming. We encourage you to learn more about your dental prosthetic solutions for teeth replacement. By speaking with us about your tooth loss, you may more quickly regain your daily function, comfort, and the uniform beauty of your smile. Missing one or up to three teeth in a row? Start your journey by learning more about dental bridges with the following quiz:

    Dental Bridge Quiz: True or False

    1. True or False: A dental bridge is just like a partial denture but you cannot remove it.
    2. True or False: Bridges are made of a series of artificial teeth, including two end dental crowns and one or more pontics.
    3. True or False: Your bridge may look obvious but it is worth it since it will restore your daily comfort.

    Quiz Answer Key

    1. False. Though it is true that a dental bridge is fixed, meaning you cannot remove it from your mouth, it is not the same as a partial denture. Bridges may replace one missing tooth, two teeth side-by-side, or three teeth in a row. They cannot replace spaces separated by remaining natural teeth or severe tooth loss, which is something you can achieve with a partial.
    2. True. On either end of your dental bridge is a crown that we will cement over the tooth resting on either side of the open space in your mouth. Filling the opening are pontics, or artificial teeth.
    3. False. The bridge will restore your daily ability to chew and speak comfortably but it will look anything but obvious. We will custom-craft the crowns and pontics, while matching their shade to the color of your natural teeth. The result is a complete, seamless smile.


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