• Turning Frowns to Smiles with Good News

  • Laughing FriendsSmiling warmly, brightly, and confidently makes a huge difference in your quality of life. However, many of us become bogged down with the day-to-day stresses and challenges of life, and forget to smile as often as we should. Redmond dentist, Dr. Sang Yum wants to turn your frown into a happy, relaxed smile. Here are some news stories from the past which may make you smile.

    Happy Smiles

    We captured these stories from around the internet to bring a smile to your face. Sometimes, a little good news does the trick.

    • A California high school band lost their band instruments after a concert in the park recently. As the bus was loaded following the concert, the instruments were accidentally left behind in a bin, and by the time authorities made it back to look for them, they were long gone. A homeless man found the bin in another location, still full of the instruments, and reached out to a friend who was able to look up the news story on the internet and get the instruments back to their owners. (Source: Huffington Post)
    • Recently, a retiring grocer chose to give ownership of his three stores to his loyal employees through stock ownership rather than selling the business to a major chain store. The ownership transferred at no cost to the employees, rewarding them for their faithful service for all of these years. (Source: NBC News)
    • In October, 2012 an Alabama boy with Down syndrome was lost in the woods for 18 hours. Fortunately, four puppies kept him warm and the mother of the pups found rescuers and led them to the boy. (Source: NBC News)

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