• The Benefits of Dental Bridges

  • maturesmileIf displaying the opening in your smile is embarrassing, it may be time to speak with us about the benefits of dental bridges. First, keep in mind that your candidacy for a bridge rests primarily on the open space in your mouth. This prosthetic can only replace one or up to three teeth in a row – not spread across an arch. If a bridge sounds like the teeth replacement solution you’ve been searching for, we encourage you to speak with us about moving forward with treatment. After all, replacing your teeth provides you with excellent advantages. Ready to find out more about why the placement of a bridge is such a beneficial decision? Look over the following to learn more:

    Dental Bridge Benefits

    1. Bridges Are Fixed Prosthetics. Dental bridges offer stable support and long-term wear because they are considered a “fixed” prosthetic. This simply means that we will cement the bridge in place over your remaining natural teeth – you will not be able to remove the bridge on your own.
    1. The Bridge Will Blend With Your Smile. Your dental bridge includes a series of connected artificial teeth, known as dental crowns and pontics. The crowns secure the bridge over your natural teeth (one tooth on either side of your opening). The pontics fill the space. We will color-customize all of the artificial teeth to blend with the rest of your natural smile, so you can feel confident knowing your grin will look complete and it will also look lifelike.
    1. You Will Regain Daily Function. A single missing tooth, two teeth, or three missing teeth in a row leave you with an open space in your smile. This can result in significant problems, particularly with your ability to function. You may find that it’s challenging to chew your food – this can cause you to avoid certain foods you once enjoyed. Food may also commonly become lodged within the open space. In addition, speaking may not flow as easily as it did before your tooth loss. Replacing teeth with a dental bridge can quickly address these issues.


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