• Should You Straighten Your Teeth?

  • sidesmilewhiteIf you feel unhappy with the appearance of your smile due to problems with uniformity, choosing to straighten your teeth with Invisalign treatment is a wonderful solution. However, have you ever given much thought to whether improving the alignment of your teeth may offer additional benefits aside from the obvious cosmetic ones? If not, we encourage you to begin broadening your scope. When it comes to shifting your teeth into a beautifully “straight” smile, the improvement may actually become advantageous to your oral health. Ready to learn more? Look over the following:

    Straightening Your Teeth May Prevent TMJ Problems

    Your TMJs are your jaw joints – this is short for their medical term, temporomandibular joints. This is simply the jaw joint on either side of your head that connects your cranium to your lower jaw, providing movement. When your bite is unbalanced, you may need to shift your jaws to find a comfortable way to chew, speak, and even to close your mouth, which may place stress on your TMJs. By aligning your teeth, you protect your jaw joints from stress, while potentially preventing TMJ disorder.

    A Straighter Smile Is Easy to Clean

    Do your teeth have small spaces between them? If so, you are probably accustomed to dealing with food that becomes lodged between teeth. Do your teeth overlap one another? If this is the case, you are probably more than familiar with how difficult it is to clean every single surface of your smile. By aligning your teeth with Invisalign treatment, you may be able to more thoroughly and effectively clean your teeth for excellent protection against gum disease and tooth decay.

    Misaligned Teeth May Become Damaged

    Do your top and bottom teeth hit one another when you close your mouth or when you speak? Maybe they grind against one another. Whatever the problem, you can face issues like worn tooth surfaces, fracturing, and even breakage as a result of misalignment. Straighten your smile to protect the structure of your teeth.


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