• Root Canal Treatment: Your Questions

  • womanquestionmarkbrunetteNobody enjoys being informed that they need root canal treatment to improve oral health. However, the more you discover about this restorative treatment, the more optimistic you may begin to feel about scheduling your appointment. What you probably know for certain is that your infected or damaged tooth does not feel very good right now. Fortunately, the root canal addresses the source of your discomfort, so you can quickly regain full function and a smile that feels wonderful. Ready to learn more? Read further:

    Your Root Canal Questions – And Answers


    • Question: Is a root canal a treatment or a part of my tooth? Answer: It is used to refer to both. Your root canal is the hollow enclosure within the lowermost portion of your tooth – they house dental pulp, which provides your tooth with nutrients to remain alive and healthy. Root canal treatment addresses damaged pulp within your roots – many people simply shorten the name of the treatment to “root canal.”
    • Question: How does root canal treatment work? Answer: First, we will make sure your tooth is numb, as well as the surrounding area. Then, after creating a small opening in your tooth, we will remove the infected or damaged pulp. We need to remove this pulp to save your tooth from an extraction. Once we clean out the interior portion of your tooth, we will seal it with a rubbery substance called gutta percha to keep bacteria from re-entering. Then, we will fill your tooth.
    • Question: Will you protect my tooth? Answer: Yes, after we perform the treatment we will most likely cover and protect your tooth with a beautiful dental crown. Coverage further protects your tooth from bacterial invasion and subsequent infection, restores the structural integrity of your tooth, and also allows your smile’s appearance to remain undisturbed by the treatment.


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