• Pumpkin and Dental Health: Try this Quiz

  • TrueDo you have a favorite part of Thanksgiving, or do you love it all? There are so many delicacies to enjoy – savory roasted turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, sage infused stuffing, and warm, flakey, buttery rolls. Pumpkin pie is a symbolic dessert of Thanksgiving, and for many, it is the perfect ending to a delicious and decadent holiday meal. If you mix pumpkin with eggs, cream, and sugar, the health benefits are not so great, dental and otherwise. However, pumpkin can be a shining star in the culinary world if you prepare it correctly.


    Q1. True or false – Pumpkins are only cultivated in hot climates. Q2. True or false – Pumpkins contain a large amount of the mineral zinc. Q3. True or false – Pumpkins are helpful for controlling and even losing weight. Q4. True or false – Pumpkin is good for diabetics. Q5. True or false – Rubbing raw pumpkin on your gums cures gum disease.


    A1. FALSE – Aside from Antarctica, pumpkins are actually grown in every part of the world, no matter the weather. A2. TRUE – Pumpkins do contain a large amount of zinc which boosts your immunity. This is great for all aspects of your physical health including your teeth. A3. TRUE – Members of the squash family are very high in fiber, and this includes pumpkins. Fiber promotes fullness as well as bowel regularity. A4. FALSE –There is no link, as such, but pumpkins do contain potassium which can help lower blood pressure. A5. FALSE – Direct contact with pumpkin to your gum tissues has not been proven to cure periodontal disease. However, consuming pumpkin does offer anti-inflammatory properties which can potentially help with gum disease and other conditions of inflammation.

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