• Preventive Dentistry: What’s It All About?

  • Keeping your smile in tip-top shape means you need to remain committed to dental hygiene and trips to see us. However, while you know home care and dental cleanings are important, you may not know what to make of preventive dentistry. For instance, do you really need to schedule preventive visits if your smile looks clean? How about home care – is there a correct method? And about your checkups – what are we really looking for? Fortunately, by becoming familiar with prevention, you will quickly catch on to what you need to do to maintain a healthy oral cavity, while enjoying the benefits that naturally follow.

    Monitoring Your Oral Health

    One main facet of preventive dentistry is the dental checkup and keeping an eye on your oral health for a variety of issues. First, we take a visual look at your smile during your examination, inspecting it for obvious problems or changes. We will also incorporate advanced dental technology, including digital X-rays, so we know what’s happening beneath your smile’s surface level. We will discuss your daily comfort and habits with you to determine whether you display any symptoms pointing to underlying concerns. By monitoring your health, we can detect concerns and offer treatment “preventively” or before permanent damage occurs. Prevention often protects you against the following:

    • Gum disease
    • Tooth decay
    • Sleep apnea
    • TMJ disorder

    Cleaning Your Smile To Prevent Problems

    Preventive dentistry also includes keeping your smile clean and healthy. In addition to brushing and flossing on your own, we encourage you to visit us once every six months for a dental cleaning. Why? Simply put, you do not have the ability to keep your teeth 100 percent free of plaque. What you cannot remove with your own home practices, we will remove during your visits. The results? Exceptional protection against problems most commonly caused by plaque, including cavities and gum disease.


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