• Mercury Filling Removal

  • Protect Your Smile and Oral-Systemic Health

    As part of his commitment to holistic dentistry, Dr. Sang Yum proudly offers mercury filling removal. By replacing old silver amalgam fillings with tooth-colored composite resin restorations, your dentist can enhance your appearance and overall wellness.

    What Is Mercury Filling Removal?

    Traditionally, fillings were always made of metal. Unfortunately, silver amalgam, the most commonly used metal, contains high levels of mercury. Scientists have linked this toxic material to a number of health concerns. Dr. Yum can remove silver amalgam fillings, being careful not to release the mercury into your body. Then he will replace them with tooth-colored composite resin fillings. The second half of this procedure is virtually identical to the placement of a first time filling, and Dr. Yum will choose the composite that is most similar to the natural shade of your smile.

    The Benefits of Mercury Filling Removal

    The most important benefit of mercury filling removal is the effect it can have on your overall health. Over time, the mercury inside of a metal filling can leak into your blood stream, travelling to all parts of your body. Over the last 20 years, scientists have declared this metal to be an environmental hazard. They have also linked the material to Alzheimer’s disease, brain damage, kidney dysfunction, multiple sclerosis, and many other serious health concerns.

    In addition to the effects that filling removal can have on your overall physical health, this procedure can also strengthen your teeth and improve your smile. Unlike metal, composite resin forms a direct bond with teeth. In this way, these tooth-colored fillings can provide greater stability for weakened teeth. Additionally, amalgam fillings may eventually become visible, giving your smile a gray or metallic tint. Because composite will be individually matched to your teeth, they will never spoil the appearance of your grin.

    Is Filling Removal Right for You?

    If you are concerned about the effects of mercury on your health and the environment, then filling removal may be a great solution. Not all scientists agree that silver amalgam fillings contain enough mercury to be a true health risk. However, Dr. Yum does not believe in in taking unnecessary chances. That is why is always happy to perform this procedure upon request.