• Is Dental Bonding Right For You?

  • perfectsmileopenHave you ever considered choosing dental bonding to improve small esthetic imperfections that cause your smile to look less than amazing? Perhaps you have never even heard of bonding but one thing is for certain: Those areas of your smile that would look better with a little extra tooth tissue are causing you to feel upset about your otherwise lovely grin. While bonding is not for everyone, it has the capacity to improve a wide array of cosmetic concerns and is requires a simple, streamlined procedure. Wondering if bonding is right for your smile goals? Learn more:


    We offer bonding for patients who require a small amount of additional tooth tissue where it is either missing or where your smile would look more attractive with a bit more. We can build up your natural tooth but cannot remove tissue with this process – for the minor reduction of tissue, you are better suited to contouring.

    Your Needs

    Bonding relies on the use of composite – a synthetic resin material. We will apply layers of composite to specific areas of your tooth, which we can then shape to suit your needs. Dental bonding may be right for you if you wish to achieve one or more of the following:

    • One or a handful of your teeth look shorter than surrounding teeth, which causes your smile to appear uneven. We may lengthen the appearance of these too-short teeth with bonding, so your smile line is even for a more consistent, attractive appearance.
    • You have stains on your tooth or teeth that are too severe for teeth whitening. However, you are not prepared to invest in a porcelain veneer and simply want an efficient yet effective fix so your tooth looks beautiful again.
    • You have incurred a chip on your tooth – it is cosmetic in nature, which means is it not threatening the health of your tooth. We may use bonding to fill the chip, so your tooth looks whole again.
    • Your tooth has a small crack that is cosmetic but you are unhappy with the way it looks. Like with stains, we can simply cover the problem area for a beautiful way to camouflage your tooth.
    • You have small spaces between two or more teeth, which causes your smile to look less than uniform. Rather than relying on braces, you may wish to choose dental bonding. We can often fill the open spaces so your neighboring teeth look as though they touch one another.


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