Smiling Friends CoffeeAre you a heavy coffee drinker? Approximately half of American adults enjoy a morning cup of java, and among that percentage, many drink coffee throughout the day. For those coffee drinkers that indulge in as many as four or more cups of coffee each day, a surprising side effect to chasing the caffeine dragon may have been uncovered. One published research study from Atlanta, GA clearly connected excessive coffee drinking to a lower risk of oral/pharyngeal cancer.

Mouth and Throat Cancer

Mouth and throat cancer, also known as oral/pharyngeal cancer, usually goes undetected in the early stages because of few symptoms. More obvious symptoms start to show themselves when the cancer becomes more advanced. Oral cancer symptoms, particularly in the beginning of the malignant growth, are known to seem similar to more minor dental issues like canker sores and toothaches. Any bumps or pain in your mouth that fails to be alleviated after two weeks should garner a visit to the dentist. Common risk factors for oral/pharyngeal cancer can be alcohol and tobacco use, though non-smokers can certainly still get mouth and throat cancer.

Potential Cancer Cure?

The study from the American Cancer Society (ACS) in Atlanta, Georgia was recently published by author Janet Hildebrand. She and her team of researchers noted previous studies that suggested coffee drinking could significantly lower the risk for mouth and throat cancer.  Scientists are not sure if caffeine (with its high levels of polyphenols, antioxidants, and other cancer-fighting compounds) is the true star of the show, or if anything else in coffee might have responsibility for the potentially lowered cancer risk.

For the Study

A variety of lifestyle and health information was compiled from 968,432 men and women. Among the areas questioned: coffee and tea consumption. All of the study’s participants were cancer free when the research began.  After a total of 26 years of following and tracking the same group, 868 people involved had died from mouth and throat cancer. Intriguingly, research participants that copped to a four-cup-a-day java habit had an amazing 49% lower risk of dying from oral/pharyngeal cancer.


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