• Gum Disease

  • Thorough Exams to Detect the Early Signs of Periodontal Disease

    Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a common condition among men and women of all ages. Without timely care, the disease can cause tooth loss, gum recession, and even jawbone damage. Dr. Yum offers frequent screenings to diagnose gum disease in the earliest and most easily treatable stages.

    What Is Gum Disease?

    Your mouth contains billions of microbes, and some of these bacteria are actually beneficial to your oral health. However, when harmful bacteria build up on your teeth, they will multiply. Eventually, they will spread past your gum line. In the earliest stages of gum disease, known as gingivitis, the bacteria will simply cause mild gum irritation and sensitivity. Eventually, however, the bacteria will form pockets in your gum tissue. These pockets will only become larger as the bacteria continue to multiply. Once the disease has progressed to full periodontitis, you could experience tooth loss, gum recession, and jawbone degeneration.

    How We Diagnose Gum Disease

    Dr. Yum can easily diagnose gum disease with a visual scan or with an evaluation of your symptoms. The side effects of gingivitis include gum irritation, sensitivity, mild redness, and easily bleeding gums. In the more advanced stages of periodontal disease, you may experience more severe symptoms. These could include:

    • Severe gum sensitivity
    • Loose or missing teeth
    • Chronic bad breath
    • Fluid-filled sacs on your gums
    • Periodontal pockets (typically only detectable by a dentist)
    • Changes in your bite alignment
    • Changes in your bone density
    • A change in fit of your denture or other restoration

    Are You a Candidate for a Gum Disease Screening

    The best way to treat gum disease is to prevent it from occurring or to detect it in the earliest stages. For optimal dental health, you should schedule biannual exams and cleanings at Redmond Dental Care. Your hygienist will remove the harmful bacteria that can cause gum disease, and Dr. Yum will check for the symptoms of this condition. If he discovers that you are suffering from periodontitis, he also offersperiodontal therapy to control your symptoms and prevent further damage to your smile.