• Don’t Worry about Dental X-Rays

  • XrayIt’s natural for you to feel concerned about your exposure to radiation of any kind. X-rays are an obvious source. Believe it or not, there are quite a few sources which are not so obvious and expose you to more radiation throughout your life than dental x-rays every couple of years or so. Redmond dentist, Dr. Sang W. Yum will put your mind at ease if you are stressed about us taking internal pictures of your teeth at your next dental checkup.

    Radiation Perspective

    You may have images of radiation turning you into a superhero, or causing your cat to grow a third eye and an extra tail. Extreme amounts of radiation would certainly be harmful. You wouldn’t want to have x-rays taken of various parts of your body on a daily or even weekly basis. The good news is, few of us have x-rays very often at all. There are a number of daily activities that are exposing you to mrems (the measurement of radiation levels) which may surprise you.

    The Truth about X-rays

    Do you live in a brick building? If so, you are exposed to daily radiation? If you watch television in your brick house, chalk up another mrem or two. Perhaps your laptop is on your lap as well. More radiation. Even reading an old book three hours a day will expose you to some radiation. Humans are exposed to approximately 360 mrems each year. Cooking on a gas stove alone will expose you to 10 mrems annually. A dental x-ray will only expose you to 2-3 mrems. So relax and allow Dr. Yum to take good care of your dental health. A few x-rays now and again are certainly not going to harm you.

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