• Don’t Crack Up about Cracked Teeth

  • CrackingWalnutThere’s no way to guarantee that your teeth will remain intact. There are so many hazards that we put our teeth through on a daily basis. Even the simple act of eating can be a danger to your teeth. If something you’re consuming contains a surprisingly hard spot that you bite down on with full force, there’s a chance you could end up with a cracked tooth. If you chomp down on a popcorn kernel that didn’t pop, a piece of metal that a factory accidentally baked inside a cake or cookie, or you nibble on pencils, ice, and fingernails as a nervous habit, you could end up with surface fractures in the enamel of your teeth (craze lines) or full-blown tooth cracks.

    Symptoms of a Cracked Tooth

    Cracked teeth can have various symptoms, and sometimes you know you have cracked a tooth right when it happens. Other times, you can feel a rough spot, or see the crack. If the crack is more subtle, intermittent pain from exposure to extreme temperatures (particularly hot or cold beverages) would be one common sign. If cracks are very shallow, they may not even show up on an x-ray, so it’s important to note any unusual red flags.

    Treatments for Cracked Teeth

    If the roots of your teeth become exposed to bacteria, they can become infected. Without treatment, tooth loss is a possibility. Depth and severity of the crack will dictate whether you can go without treatment for now, or whether or not root canal treatment is warranted. A professional teeth whitening treatment may be all you need in that case. If your cracked tooth involves a chewing surface of the tooth, the pulp will likely need attention and a filling or crown may be in order. If the cracks are very shallow (sometimes called craze lines) teeth whitening will often suffice as a cosmetic treatment.

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