• Does a Toothache Mean I Have a Cavity?

  • does toothache mean cavityNot every sensitive tooth has a cavity reaching down to its core. Sometimes, a crack in your tooth from a physical impact can be the cause, or perhaps it is an exposed root due to an irritated and receding gum line. Regardless of the cause, the reason for the sensation is usually an exposed pulp (the bundle of nerves and blood vessels in the center of your tooth). Before you can treat your sensitive tooth, you have to know the cause of it. If you experience tooth discomfort, we will perform a comprehensive cleaning and exam to determine the cause, and then consult with you to decide the best treatment option to pursue.

    In Case it Is a Cavity

    The enamel around your tooth is the hardest substance that your body produces. Its sole purpose is to protect the crown of your tooth (the root is not covered by enamel). Cavities form when acids and bacteria attack and sap your tooth of the minerals enamel needs to remain strong (i.e., calcium and phosphate). Mild cavities cause little to no sensation because the hole is still far enough from tooth’s pulp as to not disturb it. A dental checkup, which you should attend every six months, will allow us to spot signs of cavities early and treat them before they cause more damage. A mild cavity can usually be fixed simply by filling the hole with a tooth-colored composite resin filling material. As the cavity progresses, you may need a root canal treatment or possibly extraction to prevent infection from spreading.

    How to Prevent Cavity-Related Toothaches

    Brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day can greatly reduce your chances of developing tooth decay by removing food debris and bacterial plaque before they have a chance to attack. Also, refrain from excessive consumption of sugary foods and beverages, which can fuel the bacteria that produce acids and attack tooth enamel.


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