• Do You Need Root Canal Treatment? Signs That Say “Yes”

  • womanquestionsquareIf you have begun to notice a variety of changes in your mouth or the daily comfort of your smile, you may wonder what the underlying problem is. First, we always encourage you to schedule a visit with us for an accurate diagnosis and the appropriate treatment. However, to narrow down what may be happening in your mouth, particularly if you think you may need root canal treatment, it is helpful to become familiar with what types of damage require a root canal as well as common symptoms. Learn more with the following:

    You Have A Severe Cavity

    Were you diagnosed with a cavity but you have waited and waited rather than scheduling your appointment for a dental filling? If you suspect the cavity has progressed and you have begun experiencing heightened tooth sensitivity or pain, root canal treatment may be necessary. Again, you will need to visit us for a definitive answer.

    Your Tooth Is Infected

    In some cases, you may not even realize your tooth is infected. Fortunately, by scheduling six-month preventive visits with us, we can examine and detect such concerns. In the meantime, you can look for the following common symptoms that may point to an infection requiring root canal treatment:

    • Chewing is painful
    • You suffer from chronic bad breath
    • Your teeth feel very sensitive to extremes in temperature
    • A pimple-like bump forms on your gum near the infected tooth – it seems to go away and then reappear

    Your Tooth Is Severely Cracked or Broken

    If your tooth is broken or cracked, the damage may leave your tooth open to bacterial infection that can damage dental pulp. To restore your tooth after pulp damage or infection, root canal treatment is required. The tissues housed by dental pulp, including blood vessels, keep your tooth alive and healthy. Once damaged, we must remove the pulp with root canal therapy to save your tooth from an extraction.


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