dentalcrownChances are good that if your tooth is not in excellent shape and you’re worrying you might need an extraction – it’s probably time for a dental crown to protect your tooth. However, just because you have a general idea of what to expect from crowns (which are hollow artificial teeth that we place over problem teeth for protection, support, and restored structure) does not mean you know much else. For a clearer understanding of why we may suggest a crown to address your needs, we encourage you to learn more with the following information:

Have You Just Completed Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment removes damaged dental pulp from within your tooth, so you can avoid a tooth extraction. Once this treatment is complete, your tooth may require additional support to remain standing in your mouth. In addition, coverage may protect it from future bacterial invasion. To protect and restore your tooth, we may place a lovely dental crown over it once your root canal is complete.

Are You Suffering From Severe Tooth Decay?

Sometimes, a cavity becomes too large for us to treat with a dental filling. This is often the case because filling the tooth will result in tooth tissue too fragile to continue standing for long before it shatters. Fortunately, we may be able to remove the decay and protect your tooth with a dental crown.

Did You Break Your Tooth?

Tooth breakage can occur as the result of a long list of factors. You may suffer a traumatic impact while playing sports or you may even bite down on something too hard for your tooth. Whatever the concern, we can cover your natural tooth with a crown. This will allow you to avoid an extraction, while continuing to enjoy the full function of your smile.

Are You Suffering From Severe Cosmetic Damage?

Sometimes, teeth can suffer from cosmetic damage too serious for treatments like veneers or whitening. We may suggest a beautiful porcelain crown to improve your smile instead.


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