sleepingwomanhappyDo you have trouble sleeping at night? Perhaps you have ruled out nearly every problem you can think of, such as allergies or anxiety but no matter what you do, you find that you have difficulty sleeping. Or, you may even find that you seem to sleep through the night but you wake up the next day feeling as though you didn’t sleep a wink. When it comes to fatigue that plagues your daily life without a definitive underlying cause, we often begin by asking you if you snore. This may then lead to other questions that often point to a sleep disorder called sleep apnea. Fortunately, we offer treatment for both so you can quickly regain your daily energy.


As an introduction to understanding sleep apnea, a good place to start is snoring. This problem is similar but not identical – it may keep you from achieving good nightly sleep. This may occur from a variety of causes. A common cause is the partial relaxation of your throat muscles that should remain active while you sleep. When they relax too much, they allow your throat tissues to touch. As you breathe in and out, the tissue vibrate against each other. This produces the noise you know as “snoring.”

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a bit like a step further after snoring. Rather than partially relaxing, your throat muscles will completely relax. This results in the complete relaxation and contact of your throat tissues. The problem with this scenario is that your collapsed tissues will block your ability to breathe. You will wake suddenly as your body struggles to receive adequate oxygen to send to your brain.

Why You Need Treatment

Whether you suffer from sleep apnea or snoring, both may interrupt nightly sleep. Even waking up a couple times during the night may cause you to miss out on the solid sleep you need for daily energy. If you think you may suffer from one of these concerns, contact us today, so we may provide you with effective and comfortable snoring or sleep apnea treatment.


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