womanquestiongreenAs you may have already noticed, metal fillings can make any smile – even one in otherwise excellent cosmetic condition – look not so wonderful. In some cases you may also feel a bit uneasy about having metal in your mouth, particularly when you know you have other options. Rather than assuming you are stuck with the amalgam fillings you initially received, we encourage you to speak with us. Fortunately, we offer mercury filling removal, so you can say goodbye to those dark silver fillings and hello to an exceptional replacement solution. Ready to improve and protect your smile? Learn more with the following FAQs:

What’s Wrong With Mercury Fillings?

Though metal fillings are considered safe for most patients aside from metal allergy sufferers, pregnant women, and young children, we still consider them a risk. Metal fillings include mercury, which is a known toxin to humans. If you feel uncomfortable regarding the potential negative health side effects, removing mercury fillings may be a good choice for you. In addition, metal fillings are dark. For fillings in the very back of your mouth, this may not be a problem. However, if the filled tooth is visible, onlookers may be able to see the filling itself. Or, your tooth may appear dark as a result. We can replace it and improve the beauty of your smile.

Is This Safe?

Yes. We will carefully remove your fillings through an advanced technique. You can rest assured that mercury will not make its way into your body.

What Type Of Filling Will I Receive?

In place of mercury fillings, we will place composite fillings. Often referred to as “white” or “tooth-colored,” this type of filling is made of composite, a synthetic acrylic-resin material. It is free of metal and mercury and we will match it to the shade of your surrounding tooth. You will no longer need to worry about toxins and your tooth will look as though it never suffered from a cavity.


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